The book on Bracoden School 1942-1963 produced by Eleanor Hepburn and John W Milne has been a great success. The book is based on the contents of the original school diaries and ledgers with photographs donated by various contributors, and the original diaries and ledgers are available to view in the Heritage Centre. It’s fascinating to read about school life over this period including, in addition to the items on the front cover, such items as Nautical Courses, being snowed in and mass absences for the potato harvest. Copies are still available at £12 each in SPAR, at Macduff Post Office (Porterfields) and from Eleanor direct, so don’t miss out! There’s also a few DVDs of the book available at £6 each. As it is based on school life all of the profits, which currently amount to a total of £3,500, have been donated to local causes mainly involving children. These are: Bracoden Primary School. Bracoden Playschool. Gardenstown New Church Sunday School. Gardenstown New Church Shelter Group. Gardenstown New Church Rainbows Group. Gardenstown Free Presbyterion Church Sunday School. Gardenstown Happy Hampers and Christmas Hampers. Gardenstown Dreel Hall. Gardenstown Bowling Club. Whitehills Bowling Club. Whitehills Primary School. Whitehills Playschool. Whitehills Peekaboo Nursery. Whitehills Playing Field. Whitehills Boys Football Club. Whitehills RNLI. Macduff Primary School. St Fergus Primary School. Fraserburgh South Park School. Kingswells Primary School. Banchory Primary School Nursery. Banff Day Opportunities. Police Scotland Youth Volunteers (Fraserburgh). This would not have been possible without the generosity and help of those who donated to the printing and publishing of The Bracoden Book . Congratulations to Eleanor and John!